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Anesthesiology (2010) 113: 1252-1253.

An Introductory Curriculum for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia – A Learner’s Guide
Reviewed by: Brian Chung, MD

‘Its target audience will likely extend from trainees at the beginning of their anesthesia careers to well-seasoned practitioners of regional anesthesia who are only recently incorporating ultrasound imaging as guidance for their peripheral nerve blocks.’

‘The emphasis on this is critical for the successful and safe execution of regional anesthesia with ultrasound guidance.’

‘The recommendations at the end of each chapter are helpful for those wanting or needing further depth in the subject material. The bullet points at the conclusion of each chapter provide a distillation of the most important concepts. The images and illustrations are of high quality and occupy nearly as much real estate as the written text, which is fitting for a book on image guidance.’

‘An Introductory Curriculum for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia: A Learner’s Guide is an easy-to-read, informative text. With an efficiency of words, it remains meaty enough to start feeding the scholarly appetite for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and will likely spur further study as well as hands-on practice.’

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Anesth Analg (2010) 111: 1080.

An Introductory Curriculum for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia – A Learner’s Guide
Reviewed by: Jonathan C. Beathe, MD & Gregory A. Liguori, MD

‘As is stated by the authors, the goal in writing this book was “to create an educational curriculum that will permit a self-directed foundational path for clinicians, from novice to expert, community and academic-based, to build on existing regional anesthesia expertise by integrating essential ultrasound techniques into daily practice.” They accomplish this task through nine chapters in five well-organized sections.’

‘it nicely complements existing resources, and as such represents one of the finest presentations on basic UGRA concepts available to practitioners.‘

‘Esthetics were not overlooked in the production of the text, which presents superior illustrations and an excellent collection of images. Often, images and illustrations are combined into impressive and thoughtful schematics … The high-quality images and illustrations are a major strength of the book.’

‘this text is an essential resource for UGRA educators and would be an excellent addition to all libraries on regional anesthesia.‘

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Can J Anesth (2010) 57:391–392

An Introductory Curriculum for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia – A Learner’s Guide
Reviewed by: Desiree Persaud, MD & Sebastien Garneau, MD

‘An Introductory Curriculum for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia; A Learner’s Guide, is certainly timely and essential’

‘The sections are organized logically with one chapter flowing seamlessly into the next.’

‘This book does not disappoint in highlighting the visual nature of ultrasound and regional anesthesia. The pages are filled with wonderful illustrations and photographs of ultrasound images.’

‘Most impressive in this textbook is the authors’ emphasis on understanding the ultrasound unit rather than merely performing the individual blocks. This is the true foundation behind safely using this technology, which the authors certainly appreciate. Close to half of the text is devoted to the Foundation of Ultrasound and Needling Techniques.’

‘The complexities of the physics behind ultrasound technology and the approach to scanning and the principles surrounding needling techniques are explained in such a graduated manner that they give way to many “aha” moments.’

‘this book provides an excellent introductory field guide for both community and academic anesthesiologists as well as for university programs incorporating ultrasound into regional anesthesia fellowship and residency training.’

‘In summary, this textbook is exceptionally well written and organized.’

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